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Delizia is one of the first restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that offers a variety of sauces, resulting in a unique experience and an authentic taste. This is achieved through the daily preparation of fresh handmade pasta to satisfy all your cravings. Recently, we have also added 5 main varieties of Delizia’s Italian pizza to complement your meal.

Where do we come from?

In the past years, Western cuisine has become widespread in the Arab world. Therefore, we embarked on a journey around Europe to discover the finest Western cuisine. During our journey, we came across a restaurant that serves pasta and got acquainted with the chef, who prepares pasta in a different way than other restaurants. He kneads the pasta from organic ingredients extracted from wheat grains right before our eyes. It is fresh, healthy, and free from oils and preservatives.

Food Menu

الباستا اللذيذة​

أجود أنواع الباستا مع الصوصات المختلفة والتي تقدم طازجة بطرق مبتكرة تناسب أذواق جميع عملائنا

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Vision and Mission

Our vision is for Delizia Group to become the leading brand in the restaurant services field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and one of the prominent names in the region. We aim to provide the finest varieties of pasta with different sauces, as well as a curated selection of innovative pizza products, all served fresh to cater to the tastes of our valued customers. We strive to create an attractive environment and deliver excellent service.

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