About Us

In recent years, Western cuisine has spread throughout the Arab world. Inspired by this, we embarked on a journey across Europe to discover the finest Western dishes. During our journey, we stumbled upon a restaurant that serves pasta, where we met the chef who prepares pasta in a unique way unlike other restaurants. He kneads the pasta using organic ingredients extracted from wheat grains right in front of us, ensuring its freshness, healthiness, and free from oils and preservatives.

From this experience, the idea of Pasta Delizia (Delicious Fresh Pasta) was born, aiming to be the first restaurant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to offer a variety of sauces with a unique home-cooked taste, added to freshly prepared pasta daily to cater to all your tastes. Our first branch was opened in the Kingdom in 2015 under the supervision of experienced professionals who prioritize quality.

Journey from Farm to Table


We source our organic semolina wheat grains from the finest farms in Europe, working closely with our trusted suppliers through rigorous monitoring and quality testing procedures. This ensures that we select the best grains with confidence, knowing the quality of these grains from cultivation to supply.

Transportation and Supply

All stages of the supply chain are subject to procedures that ensure food safety throughout the transportation and storage process, ensuring that our semolina flour arrives at our restaurants fresh and with its full nutritional value.


Once the semolina flour arrives at our restaurants, its quality is ensured through certified quality tests. It is then stored under specific storage conditions, including temperature control, to preserve its full nutritional value.


Pasta Delizia's kitchen follows approved food safety and hygiene procedures within our restaurants. When a customer orders pasta, the semolina flour is kneaded and the pasta is shaped using a special machine right in front of the customer, without any artificial additives. The pasta is then topped with fresh sauce of their choice.

Vision and Mission

Our vision at Pasta Delizia is to become the leading brand in the restaurant services industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a prominent name in the region, providing the finest varieties of pasta with various sauces, along with a carefully selected range of innovative pizza products that cater to the tastes of all our customers. We aim to create a captivating environment and provide excellent service that exceeds expectations.